Who we are...

The McKinley Education Foundation was formed in 2006 to offer the people of McKinley County an avenue through which to support the teachers in the Gallup-McKinley County Schools.

The MEF follows a national trend toward supporting schools from outside the confines of the school district itself. Our foundation is separate from the school district and therefore not subject to the same pressures and regulations that might hamper certain types of activities designed to assist educators and help enhance student achievement.

The MEF is a private, non-profit corporation with a Federal IRS 501c3 tax exempt designation, meaning all donations to the foundation are tax deductible. The sole purpose of the foundation is to raise funds to support educators in the classrooms throughout the school district. This will be done via fund raising activities, through direct donations and through grant writing.

Our first fund raiser was held in April, 2007 and we subsequently awarded seven $200 grants to eight teachers from seven schools. Go to Past Grant Recipients to see who has received grants in succeeding years. Grantees are now awarded $400 grants.

The MEF is currently guided by a board of volunteer directors. We are seeking new board members. While several of the current board members are affiliated in some way with the Gallup-McKinley County School System, this Board of Directors is solely responsible for the direction and operation of the Foundation.

Anyone interested in supporting education in the Gallup-McKinley County Schools is welcome to join. There is no cost. Simply contact one of the current board members.

Board Contact:

Bruce Tempest

(505) 379-1893


Support MEF – Support students and educators of GMCS!!

All funds directly support GMCS educators.
Send donations (checks made out to MEF/McKinley Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization):

McKinley Education Foundation

16 Tumbleweed Lane

Gamerco, NM 87317

Appreciation to all of our donors including:

  • Gallup McKinley Association of Education Retirees
  • Butler’s Office Equipment & Supply
  • Lebanon Lodge of the Masons
  • Murphy Builders
  • PEO Chapter T
  • Wal-Mart