Question # 1 POINT =
Applicant response was unclear and lacked details and information.
Applicant response was somewhat clear and provided adequate details and information.
Applicant response was clearly stated and provided ample details and information.
1. After reviewing student data, specifically state the learning need(s) that will be addressed in this project.
2. Provide bulleted list of the project's objectives
3. What Common Core Standards will be connected/presented in this project? Be specific and show correlation between the objective and the standard.
4. Use a timeline to describe how the project will be carried out. What will you do and what will the students do in each step?
5. Explain the evaluation strategy you will use to show the objective(s) were met.
6. Project Relevance Project is somewhat relevant to stated objective(s). Project is relevant and supports stated objective(s). Project is exemplary in plan to support stated objective(s).
7. State the grade level(s) and number of students who will benefit from this project.
8. Show an itemized budget listing each material, its cost, shipping and taxes (if applicable).

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