MEF Teacher Grant Guidelines

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Philosophy for Grants

MEF Grants are cash awards that are designed to encourage creativity in the classroom, develop more effective methods of instruction, and provide for imaginative teaching. Grant projects must benefit students educationally by enabling staff members to put new and innovative ideas into action that might not be implemented otherwise. Projects must be new and not continuations of ongoing projects. Innovation and student-based activities are key.

Grant Applications and Amounts

Grants for educational projects are open to all GMCS teachers, librarians, and counselors. Grants may be applied for by individuals or jointly. The maximum amount of each grant is $400.00. More than one application may be submitted, but an individual will not receive more than one grant in any given year.

Grant Guidelines

Grant funds can be used to purchase manipulatives, science materials, craft materials, and other hands on items that students will use in carrying out activities of your project.

The following activities will NOT be funded:

  • Field trips or bus transportation
  • Uniforms / costumes / t-shirts
  • Teacher pay / stipends or substitute pay
  • Staff development, conference fees or travel costs
  • Televisions, LCD projectors, tape recorders, CD players, “boom boxes”, computers, tablets or printers
  • Continuations of existing projects

Requests for food, films, video tapes, software, monetary awards and prizes will not be considered unless they are a small but integral part of the whole proposal. The Foundation also will not cover expenses that are included in a school’s operating budget.

All equipment purchases made with Grant funds will become the property of Gallup-McKinley County Schools.

Projects that include the following must have written approval from the appropriate District Administrator. Grant applications that are submitted without such approval will be rejected.

  • Facilities: Changes or improvements to any school facility or property
  • Curriculum: Supplements or changes to the current GMCS approved curriculum

Applicants must notify their Principal or District Administrator of grant application before applying.

Review Committee Members

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee that includes, but is not limited to, the McKinley Education Foundation Board, a Gallup-McKinley County administrator, and educators.

Application, Selection, and Reporting Procedure

  • All applicants must complete the online application submission Form. Submitting proposals in/on another form will NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • All questions must be answered.
  • Refer to these Guidelines when completing the application form.
  • Proper school/district approvals must be on all applications.
  • When grants are awarded, the funds are given directly to the awardees, not to the school or to Central Office.
  • Teachers and projects will be recognized publicly at a GMCS School Board meeting and through media releases.
  • Important: Each grant recipient must send a short project report addressing the success of the project no later than 30 days past the end of the school year.
  • Failure to send a report will disqualify the applicant from future participation in the grant program and will require repayment of grant funds. Final Reports can be submitted online via the form provided in the webpage by selecting the option labeled "Final Report" on the menu line above.
  • The Foundation Board may request permission to visit a project site to meet with the applicant.
  • Any unused grant monies must be returned to the Foundation.

Due Date

The deadline for submitting an application for Grant funding consideration is midnight on the first Sunday in October.

Grant Proposals should be submitted online only.

Contact Information

Comments and questions can be directed to the Board through the Contact Us online form:

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Remember: Grant recipients must file a project final report by no later than 30 days past the end of the school year.

The MEF Board of Directors will continually review the Grant program, its policies, methods of operation and criteria for funding proposals. Grant awards are at the sole discretion of the Board and are final.