MEF Teacher Mini-Grant Recipients


  • During these years mini-grants were not issued because of in-room-teaching restrictions that were imposed by Federal or State Agencies COVID-19 mandates. In addition travel for meetings were limited.


  • “TBD”

    Jane Doe; 4th grade teacher, TBD


  • “ELA-Serious About Series”

    Kate Kempton; 3rd grade teacher, Red Rock Elementary School
  • “Hands-On Science”

    Linda Waide; 3rd Grade Teacher, Rocky View Elementary School
  • “NM Visual and Performing Arts-Creative Expression”

    Melissa Novak; Special Education Teacher, Tohatchi Middle School
  • “Special Education Life Skills-A Beverage Cart Project”

    Nemia Tan; Special Education Teacher, Tohatchi Middle School
  • “Literacy: Building Blocks to Literacy”

    Tammy Iralu; Preschool Teacher, Chee Dodge Elementary School


  • “Building Math Fluency Skills”

    Stacy Cavanaugh; 4th grade teacher, Rocky View Elementary
  • “Maker Space Materials for the Library”

    Cindi Tah; Library Media Specialist, Gallup Cental Alternative High School


  • “Magnificent Music Masterpieces”

    Shannon Balok; Elementary Music Teacher, Red Rock Elementary School
  • “5th Grade Scientists”

    Mary Kate Suhy; 5th grade Teacher, Navajo Elementary School
  • “Robotics in the Classroom: LEGO MINDSTORMS”

    Federico Padrones Salvador; GATE Teacher, Thoreau Middle School


  • “Moon Rover Project”

    Shafiq Chaudhary, 8th Grade Science Teacher, JFK Middle School
  • “Worm Wonders”

    Carla Dvork-Lash, 1st Grade Teacher, Juan de Onate Elementary School
  • “All Together Cooperative Learning Makes Us Smart”

    Tara Hall, Kindergarten Teacher, Stagecoach Elementary
  • “Authentic Audiences for Writing”

    Philip Neilson, 6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher, JFK Middle School
  • “Informational Text About the Brain”

    Karla Nye, School Counselor, Juan de Onate Elementary


  • “Cameras for Second Grade Nature Book”

    Tori Zapack, 2nd grade teacher, Stagecoach Elementary
  • “Life Skills Yearbook”

    Mary Luz Cruz, special education teacher, JFK Middle School
  • “Frankie FunPlex and Eggstronaut Rockets”

    Shafiq Chaudhary, 8th grade physical science teacher, JFK Middle School
  • “Listening for Literacy”

    Brooke Dashner, 2nd grade teacher, Rocky View Elementary
  • “Hands On Science”

    Rachel Mangum, 5th grade teacher, Turpin Elementary
  • “Solid as a Rock”

    Amanda Wolfenbarger, 6th grade science teacher, JFK Middle School
  • “We Love Learning With Games”

    Linda Waide, 2nd Grade teacher, Rocky View Elementary
  • “School to School E-Pal Technology Writing Project”

    Grace Lueras, 3rd grade teacher, Red Rock Elementary


  • “Making Myths Memorable”

    Emily Kemper, Fourth Grade, Tobe Turpen Elementary
  • “Science Fair Extraordinaire”

    Eric Cornish, Rocky View Elementary
  • “Using Creativity to Advance Talent”

    Judy Kimbrough,Miyamura High School
  • “Hands on Geometry”

    Brooke Dashner, Second grade, Rocky View Elementary
  • “Land Beneath Us”

    Judith Lannan, Third Grade, Juan de Onate Elementary
  • “Literature Circles and Leveled Reading”

    Philip Neilson, JFK Mid School

Fall 2012

  • “We Need Books to Grow Our Brains!”

    Ellen Barg-Walkow, 5th grade teacher, Tobe Turpen Elementary
  • “Money Matters – 2nd Grade Class Store”

    Brooke Dashner, 2nd grade teacher, Rocky View Elementary
  • “Everybody Needs a Rock”

    Emily Kemper, 4th grade teacher, Tobe Turpen Elementary
  • “Improving Literacy & Math with Music & Movement”

    Sheila Kruis, Preschool, Stagecoach Elementary
  • Karla Nye and Laura Paredes, Counselor and Library Ass’t, Juan de Onate Elementary

Spring 2012

  • Shanon Balok, Red Rock Elementary Music
  • Kim Esparza, Red Rock Elementary Pre-School


  • “Simple Abacus”

    Tawni Crowe, Kennedy Middle School
  • “Picture This”

    Laura Milligan, Thoreau Middle School
  • “Friendship Skills Groups”

    Karla Nye, Juan de Onate Elementary
  • “Raised Garden Beds”

    Emily Sims & Erin Black, Church Rock Elementary


  • “Character Counts Mural Project”

    Linda Boos, Red Rock Elementary
  • “Bags and More”

    Debra Chee, Crownpoint Mid
  • “The Living Lab”

    Chelsea Fairbank, Washington Elementary
  • “World Map Project”

    Scott Farver, Indian Hills Elementary
  • “Wood Burning Relief Sculpture Clocks”

    Mrs. Guliford, Chief Manuelito Mid
  • “Reading Power Partnerships”

    Kathleen Kurpiel, Tohatchi High
  • “Solar Power Learning Module”

    John Welles, Gallup High


  • “Wild About Wolves”

    Jessica MacManus, Science Teacher, Gallup Central High
  • “Rocketry and Math”

    Scott Farver, 5th Grade Teacher, Indian Hills Elementary
  • “Tse Yi Gai Writing Anthology”

    Lauren Tinkoff, English Teacher, Tse Yi Gai High School
  • “Using Photos to increase Language and Writing Skills”

    Margie Dressler, First Grade Teacher, Thoreau Elementary
  • “How 'Dirty' Is Dirt?”

    “Safe Chemical Reactions”

    Katherine Barnett Rivas, Science Teacher, JFK Middle School (two grants)
  • “Integrating Language Arts, Creative Expression and Emotional Literacy”

    Mirakhel Windsong, Counselor, Indian Hills Elementary
  • “Making Math Fun: Using Whiteboards in the Classroom”

    Amanda Markey, Math Teacher, Tse Yi Gai High School
  • “A Tribute to Gutenberg: Relief-Block Printmaking Process”

    Laura Milligan, Art Teacher, Thoreau Middle School
  • “Photojournals: The Beauty of Our Lives”

    Erin Black, 3rd Grade Teacher, Church Rock Elementary


  • “Sand Stories in Counseling”

    Linda Boos, counselor, Red Rock Elementary
  • “Data Folders”

    Suzanne Breithaupt, Church Rock
  • “Friends of the Library Reading Club”

    Carla Clauschee, Navajo Pine
  • “Health & Fitness”

    Ty Flom & Linda Ohle, Miyamura High
  • “Expressing Adolescent Voice Through Art”

    Tera Gambill, Gallup Mid
  • “Art and Poetry In Our Environment, Naturally”

    Steve Heil, art teacher, Juan de Onate Elementary
  • “Reading for Meaning at Home”

    Tammy Somers, Chee Dodge